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There exist numerous tools and applications in the realm of online marketing. They all guarantee to offer you more visitors and conversions than you can handle, automate your company procedures, and save you hours of work. Of course, in contrast to these lofty expectations, the reality is typically very dismal. In my years of experience with online marketing, these are the tools that have worked the best for me, along with my best tips for utilizing them.

A part of the mission on The Global Citizen Guide is to provide articles and content that will help you boost traffic and conversions as well as reviews of the most significant internet marketing tools and how-to guides.

Email Marketing Software

For many online brands, email marketing is the most crucial channel for growth. Gaining an advantage comes from having the correct tools and knowing how to use them.


When used properly, webinars and livestreams can be effective marketing tools! Discover the greatest software and how to make the most of it.


Tutorials & how-tos:


My in-depth reviews and comparisons of other online marketing tools:

Online Marketing Tools: Blessing & Curse

Writing about marketing techniques on a website like this is a brilliant idea. Everyone wants to learn about and utilize the greatest, most effective, or most economical tools because they are "sexy" and software is no exception.

However, even if it's crucial to use the appropriate tools, there is a risk involved because tools and apps have the potential to become distractions. Purchasing new software, switching from the old to the new app, investigating and contrasting state-of-the-art tools—all of these tasks can seem significant, but they don't always have a significant impact on our company.

I can talk from experience here because I enjoy investigating and evaluating marketing techniques. I also have a slight technology obsession and sometimes get carried away researching new photography gear or comparing laptop models for extended periods of time.

Stated differently: I also suffer from the bright-shiny-object syndrome, which is something I actively manage.

Online Marketing Tools: Blessing & Curse

On The Global Citizen Guide, the topic of tools & software is handled differently.

  1. I emphasize real-world use case testing a lot in my reviews. I'm interested in how an app will assist me in completing a challenging, real-world activity, not just in comparing features.
  2. I offer advice and tutorials on how to use marketing software. It's often the case that the way you utilize something matters more than the specifics.

It is not my intention to review every piece of marketing software. I mostly concentrate on the products that have the biggest impact on my own marketing efforts, which include webinar software, email marketing tools, and anything associated with video marketing.

We Don't Sugar-Coat IT

I'm brutally honest in my product reviews. I always utilize affiliate links when I evaluate something that has an affiliate program. This allows me to get paid every time a customer uses my link to make a purchase.

However, that hasn't prevented me from giving my reviews a lot of criticism. In actuality, over the years, I have recommended significantly fewer tools than I have recommended. I'm harsh and hold myself to a very high level.

While receiving affiliate commissions is fantastic, they don't even come close to covering my primary costs of living. First and foremost, I'm a marketer and product maker; product reviews come second. This has allowed me to assess products with complete transparency and honesty, even if it means losing money by discouraging users from using a tool that offers generous affiliate commissions.

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