Developing Entrepreneurial Skills

Your business success is determined by your skills and knowledge

Formal schooling doesn't really give us the abilities, resources, or perseverance needed to succeed as entrepreneurs. Become more proficient by acquiring the necessary knowledge, mastering strategic thinking, and comprehending the fundamentals of sales and marketing. Here is a selection of my finest writing on these subjects, drawn from more than 10 years of experience and countless books.

The 3 key components that will level-up your skills:


Develop an innovative, problem-solving mindset, think like an entrepreneur, and learn how to make precise, strategic decisions.


Learn about and gain insight into the success of unusual businesses and how to thrive in a setting that is changing quickly.

Marketing Skills

Develop the ability to use sales and marketing techniques in all that you do. Effective marketing is the most powerful tool available.

The most significant pieces I've written are listed below to assist you in locating the appropriate resources, creating the best habits, and sharpening your attention.


Your performance as a solopreneur or when bootstrapping (financing your own company) is directly related to your level of personal productivity. Effective task completion is a huge value enhancer for any business owner.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Develop your entrepreneurial thought process. This section's content addresses a wide range of topics, including attitude, strategic thinking, marketing expertise, and grit and resourcefulness. Thought tools and mental models are sometimes disregarded, they have a significant impact on your results. To find out more, read the following posts:

Skills: The Most Underrated Aspect of Business Success

A well-trained powerlifter is able to hoist weights that an inexperienced lifter, even with the assistance of friends, could not possibly move.

A skilled climber can easily make their way up a vertical cliff where an inexperienced individual might struggle to find a grip.

A lifetime dancer can blend intricate steps and movements in a humorous manner, enjoying themselves in the process, to a beat and pace that would leave the typical person staggering uncontrollably.

Here, can you see the pattern?

Consider a past time, activity, or physical ability that you have honed. And consider the skill gap that exists between amateurs and the finest performers in the world. Isn't there a huge disparity in skill sets?

This also applies to business owners. A novice and a "highly trained" entrepreneur have quite different skill sets, and this difference is crucial to the success of the latter's business.

What makes entrepreneurial skills "underrated" in my opinion?

Simple: I see everyone scurrying after shortcuts, techniques, tactics, and strategies. Indeed, it is important to use the appropriate tools for the job. Similar to how climbers use chalk and specially constructed shoes, powerlifters may utilize belts and straps.

However, what distinguishes the strong powerlifter from the outstanding climber is not their shoes, chalk, or belts. There is no effective method for a set of tools and accessories to bridge the gap between an amateur and a professional—training alone can.

Stated differently, nothing short of skill can close the skill gap.

Can It Be That Easy? Yes.

The oldest strategy in advertising is to find out what people really want and then tell them you know how to make it happen with ease.

Desire abs with six packs? A contented marriage? More cash? Numerous businesses are always offering easy and quick ways to obtain all of that and more.

Naturally, the truth is that most of the time, these goods and services either outright lie or merely make excessive claims while falling short of fulfilling them.

Actually, becoming a successful entrepreneur might be simple, but the road to get there is difficult and takes time. It is possible to reach a point where creating a successful business comes naturally to you, just like a weightlifter can make lifting 200 kg or more look easy and a climber can make mounting a sheer cliff look easy.

But many long hours of focused training are the only way for the weightlifter, the climber, and yes, the entrepreneur as well.

Strength, experience, and knowledge are acquired through "doing the thing" over time. Lifting heavy weights. Choosing hard paths. Developing websites, writing marketing copy, attempting, failing, and trying again to launch business projects, assembling strong teams, and so forth.

Your Goal Should Be to Level Up

One word that best describes how I've approached this would be "level up".

Enhance your abilities, expand your knowledge, and acquire the resources required to turn into a highly productive, extraordinarily prosperous entrepreneur. It will take you longer to arrive if you waste time looking for ways around the hard effort and taking shortcuts.

The Global Citizen Guide has the information and advice you need to advance.

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