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Irresistible Lead Magnets

How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet:

14 Thought-Provoking Ideas

You want to make a lead magnet for your business, right? Very cool!

Lead magnets are important for digital marketing because they let you get new leads from people who might buy but haven't chosen yet. They help you make sales. But how do you know which kind of lead magnet will work best for you? Do not be afraid. This article tells you how to make a lead magnet step-by-step, including what kinds there are and where to find them.

Along the way, there will be a lot of lead magnet models to help you get ideas.

Now let's begin.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is something you offer as a reward for people to join your email marketing list. What they get out of it will depend on the type of lead magnet you make. It could be a schedule, an e-book, an audio clip, or something more interesting.

People who visit your website can become leads and your email marketing list can grow with the help of lead buttons.

People who go to your website want to find something useful. That value should make them give you their email names, so be it.

How to Create a Lead Magnet: 14 Lead Magnet Ideas and Examples

We know what a lead magnet is and how to make a good one. Let's learn more.

Now is the time to look at lead magnet examples and ideas to get you motivated as you work on your own. These will help you get qualified leads for your business.

1. E-Books

One type of lead magnet that is used a lot is e-books.

If you can't think of anything to write about for your e-book, make a list of tips about the thing you sell. Pick ten main tips, and then write a few short lines about each one. Write down how many lines you plan to use and how many words the whole e-book will have.

Work on your cover and a call to action that says "download now." After the opt-in form on your website's lead magnet page, add an email sign-up form, or make two different pages. First, make sure you have permission to share the material of your e-book. Next, make an opt-in form.

It's easy to make a free ebook or guide by:

  • Expanding on a popular in-depth blog post. Simply add more points and data to validate your points.
  • Combining a series of blog posts into a mega guide.
  • Interviewing an expert or several about a topic your audience cares about. Turn their answers into an ebook.

Example: Search Engine Journal uses a free ebook to generate leads for the business.

2. PDF Version of Blog Posts

Giving people a PDF version of popular blog posts on your site as an extra piece of content is an easy but effective way to get them to sign up.

People who enjoy a piece of content love having a printable form that they can keep and read whenever they want.

To find the right blog post:

  • Check Google Analytics to see which posts that drive the most traffic.
  • Identify posts with the most comments.
  • Pick out your most shared posts from your social analytics dashboard.

Just get the post from WordPress and open it in MS Word to make a PDF. Change the style and edit it as needed. Add some spice by adding interesting images. Adding a few points that aren't in the original post is also a good idea. This way, your post is more useful than the original.

After that, save the file as a PDF in MS Word and give it to your guests for free.

3. Checklists

Lots of people love plans. They are short enough not to bore them, and the knowledge in them is useful.

They are also a light form of material that is simple to read.

Lists are great for business people because they are simple to make. You can make one in no more than an hour or two.

What checklists are best for:

  • Breaking down a complex subject into simple points to make it easy for people to understand it.
  • Condensing a lengthy process into a short and convenient one-page template.
  • Summarizing points of a long blog post.

Plus, a schedule is a great way to get people to sign up for your email list. It's something you can add as extra material.

From Chart Mogul, here's a good example of a list. A list of SaaS measures is what the headline calls the "cheat sheet" and what gets people to click on it.

Here's what I like most about this lead magnet offer:

  • Uses a simple headline—website visitors know exactly what they are getting.
  • Gives a bullet point sneak peek into what’s inside which tempts site visitors to grab the lead magnet.
  • Uses a simple, active call-to-action ‘Download PDF’.
  • Promises to give you all the SaaS metrics, it’s the ultimate.

Grow your subscribers with checklists.

4. The 'Cheat Sheet'

You can think of cheat sheets and models as friends.

A lot of people like them because they make things easier. People are usually lazy, so they like to find easy ways to get things done. That's exactly what a cheat sheet does. It's in the name—they cheat their way to success.

Here is an example of a Smartblogger guide sheet that you can get for free.

This lead magnet works because it:

  • Addresses a common pain in content marketing circles—headline writing.
  • Uses an alluring headline that teases visitors to consider grabbing the lead magnet.
  • Taps into an irresistible benefit every marketer dreams of—going viral.
  • Promises instant access to the PDF which feeds into human nature’s need for instant gratification.

5. Videos

Another good type of lead magnet is a movie, since people like to watch them.

More than half of people would rather watch movies than read. A video lead grabber is always a good idea.

A lot of people make videos to sell their products. Make a lead bait with the opt-in form on your website and download links in the description to get people to check out your video or audio.

You can make the following kinds of videos:

  • A how-to video that helps your audience solve a specific problem.
  • A case study that showcases a customer success story.

With videos, go all out on lighting, picture quality, and sound.

6. Courses

People think that an online course is more valuable than a text. To take a training, people pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

So by giving one away for free, you can show your audience how valuable you are.

Your training can be given by:

  • Email as an email course
  • Learning Management System Portal
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Printable Worksheets
  • Social Media Group, e.g. Facebook

Just be sure that the subject you pick meets an important need in the people who will be reading it.

A course makes it easy for people to buy your paid services or goods. People who want to can pay more for the more in-depth version you make.

If they like your free training, a lot of them will pay for the full version to get even more.

There is a great free lesson on Enchanting Marketing.

This offer is superb because it:

  • Uses a lot of social proof by displaying logos of sites they have been featured on.
  • Includes a testimonial from an influencer to emphasize their authority in the industry.
  • Highlights the top benefits of the course using brief bullet points.

7. Free Trials

SaaS brands should offer free trials to get people to sign up.

Getting new leads is an important part of marketing for SaaS.

People who want to buy a tool would rather see what it can do than try to understand what it can do. A free trial or software download is an important part of selling a SaaS product because of this.

It lets people use a tool for free so they can try it out.

Free trials are very useful because they let people try out the tools in real life. The best free samples give users a lot of time to check out all of the tool's features. Long trials are important because they let people get used to the tool so well that it's hard to stop using it.

You can try Convert Kit for free.

Unlike most brands that offer the lead magnet straight away. Convert Kit does it differently. They assess the prospect’s needs by asking a series of questions so that they understand their needs better.

This is a smart move because they learn more about the needs of their customers.

8. Webinars

A seminar is a great way to get people to sign up for your list.

Webinars get a lot of people to sign up.

There are both live and recorded lectures that you can use. With webinars, you can hear and see the same thing at the same time. They are very famous for a reason.

To make sure your webinar goes well:

  • Pick topics from posts with high engagement levels.
  • Back up your presentation with stats.
  • Make a sales pitch towards the end of the webinar.

9. Reports and Whitepapers

Reports and white papers are great ways to get leads if you are in B2B.

A lot of people in the B2B world want hard facts and data to help them make good choices or be persuaded.

That's what studies and white papers give them: a clear, data-driven look at a significant subject. With white papers, your company shows that it is an expert in its field.

To make a mouthwatering story:

  • Pick a topic your audience cares deeply about.
  • Conduct thorough research to back up your points with data.
  • Cite reputable sources.
  • Include fresh data instead of relying on dated material.
  • Get quotes from industry experts to strengthen your argument.
  • Make your report long enough to cover the essentials of your topic but not too long to turn prospects off.

Get Response has several reports as part of its lead generation strategy.

This is a commendable ethical bribe because:

  • They offer many reports to cover different customer segments.
  • Their reports are visually attractive to draw in visitors.
  • They loaded the reports with original data readers can’t find anywhere.

10. Consultations

For service-based businesses, a free consultation is the perfect lead magnet for generating and qualifying leads.

Consultations are excellent because they:

  • Prove your expertise powerfully.
  • Have a high perceived value in the eyes of prospects.
  • Help you identify the pain points of your potential customers.
  • Double up as a research lab for new products or services.
  • Allow you to offer personalized advice which impresses potential clients.
  • Naturally connects to your paid services.

To avoid scope creep, tell your leads how long the consultation will be and the exact issues you will tackle during the meeting.

Christian Communications agency InChrist Communication feed leads into their funnel using free consultations.

They kept things simple.

The emphasis of the bold headline is that the strategy session is free and it’s available immediately.

11. Infographics

Prospects really like infographics because they have a lot of pictures in them.

They break down complicated ideas. Another good thing about infographics is that they can go popular. That means that if your chart goes viral on social media, you can get a lot of leads very quickly.

Making sure your chart is well-designed is important because the pictures make or break it. 

To make your illustration, you can use free programs like Canva. Assuming you have the money, take things to the next level by getting a designer to make it look and feel perfect and professional.

A good infographic is used by Campaign Creators on their home page.

Here's why this works:

  • They only ask for prospects’ names and email to make it easier for them to sign up.
  • They include a testimonial from a satisfied customer.
  • They use a direct CTA ‘Get My Infographic’.
  • They summarize the contents of the infographics with bullet points.
  • They include a colorful cover to cajole users to sign up.

12. Toolkit / Resource List

No matter what business you're in, you need the right tools to do well.

However, there are so many choices that it can be hard to find the right tools.

Bring out the tool kit.

A tool kit is a carefully chosen collection of the best tools for a certain job.

For an interesting list:

  • Cover the popular tools in your industry.
  • Include fast-rising up-and-comer tools.
  • Cover both free and paid tools to cater to everyone.
  • Make your list exhaustive so users get everything they need to succeed with the tools on hand.

The best thing about a list of resources?

It fits well with partner marketing. You can make money from the freemium by adding affiliate goods to your list. A toolkit is used by Industrial Strength Marketing to get new leads.

Now here's what they did right:

  • They used a powerful call-to-action ‘Get Your Free Toolkit’.
  • They highlighted the benefits of the lead magnet in bullet form.
  • They included a tools graphic that matches the nature of their offer.

13. Workbooks

The best way to learn is to do. There are a lot of studies that show that doing something to learn the subject makes people remember it better.

That's why worksheets are the best way to get new customers.

As people learn more about a subject. How to make a good workbook:

  • Choose a topic that appeals to your prospects.
  • Check the FAQ section to see if there is a question on how to do/achieve something that keeps popping up.
  • Arrange your points logically so they build into one another.
  • Leave gaps in the PDF document so people fill in the spaces as they go along.
  • Provide answers to the questions at the end.

14. Calendars or Planners

In every area, people value being efficient and getting things done.

Calendars are very important for making plans for the year and getting things done. You can get a steady flow of leads if you can make a niche plan for the year.

Here are some quick tips for crafting a great calendar:

  • Start promoting your calendar lead magnet in the last quarter of the year before people outline their plans for the year.
  • Include special industry events in the planner.
  • Make a print-ready version of the planner so people can print their calendars.

Here's an example planner lead magnet from Blogilates.

They persuade visitors by offering not just one but a bunch of planners which makes the offer more attractive.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen lead magnets work. No matter the type of content you wrap them in, freebies are a list building superpower.

Create a Lead Magnet That Meets Best Practices and Grows Your Email List

Your lead magnet won't help your sales if your entire marketing strategy isn't up to scratch.

For your lead magnets to get visitors and grow your business, you need a smart marketing strategy that covers these nine key areas.

1. Traffic Source:

Drive traffic to your lead magnets using paid and organic SEO methods—without traffic, your lead magnet won’t have any takers.

2. Landing Page:

A poorly designed landing page with lousy copy and a weak offer will nosedive your conversion rates. Landing page optimization is key.

3. Customized:

Have specific lead magnets to fit all your buyer personas. Nailing your buyer personas is crucial in marketing automation.

4. Design:

Don't short-change yourself on design because it can be the difference between success and failure.

5. Content Upgrades:

Offering lead magnets a content upgrade hikes your conversion rate.

6. High-quality Images:

Use high-resolution images as they embellish your offer and boost your conversion rate.

7. Irresistible CTA:

Use a simple, short, and direct CTA to get prospects over the line.

8. Social Proof:

Include social proof such as testimonials, influencer endorsements, sites that have featured you, and more to show prospects you are the real deal.

9. Pup-ups:

Pop-ups offering downloadable lead magnets convert higher and grow your email subscribers faster.

Incorporate these qualities into your lead magnet offers to keep up with the trends and enhance your chances of success.

Growing Your Business With Lead Magnets

In internet marketing, lead magnets are very important.

These tools help you find leads and turn them into paying customers. You'll get more people in the long run if you get more leads.

With these tips, you can make lead magnets that work like a moth drawn to a light.

Want to make your business bigger by setting up the right processes that can do your marketing for you? It is possible to do that with the right Hubspot process.

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