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Digital Pioneer - The 7 Online Business Models

3 Modules
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13 Lessons

In this course internet entrepreneur, Michael Carrington, breaks down the 6 incredibly rewarding and profitable online business models that most people can start from their home TODAY.

Thanks for signing up and welcome to your COURSE on "The 6 Profitable Online Business Models" that have literally allowed me to grow several online business brands and live a life of freedom.

Watch the first video below to get started:

In this course you will learn more about each of the 6 Online Business Models - in the modules below I will show you exactly how each business model works and how you can get started building your own online business with them.

Each online business model has its own difficulty level that I will cover in the lesson. Some of these business models are friendly for new people looking to get started where others are recommended for those of you who have an intermediate or advanced level of experience with online marketing.

It is recommended that you watch and go over each video below in order so that you can best understand how each model works.

There Are 2 BONUSES For You

  • Each lesson includes an interview with a specialist in the model to give you some additional inspiration.
  • There is a bonus lesson where we focus on Professional Coaching as model 6.5
Course Structure

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Course Introduction


Imagine enrolling in an online course and having no idea what to expect. I'm not going to do that to you. Neither of us are here to waste time so this 'Course Introduction' module is designed to give you a quick preview of the topics we will cover and a breakdown of how to use this course.

Course Welcome

How To Use This Course

The Top 3 Priorities

The New (Online) Economy


What is the 'new' online economy? In this model we will dive into how ordinary people are leveraging the internet to disrupt the long-held belief that you have to work a 9-5 job. We are going to break down what the new online economy is, and the major niche areas that anyone can learn to serve an online market.

The 8 Major Niches

The 8 major niches is a powerful framework to view the common consumer markets. We will review how these major markets tap into our basic human desires and how business models can be positioned around them.

The Tech Stuff

Here we cover the technology skills that anyone can learn and the tools that are essential if you want to make money in many of the online business models.

The 6.5 Business Models


Here we get down and talk details. In each lesson we cover a summary of the 6 main business models, the niches that fit best with them, how to get started today, and a list of resources. Plus each lesson contains a bonus interview with a model expert who is crushing it.

The 6 Online Business Models

6 lessons

Affiliate Marketing

Network Marketing

Blogging / YouTube

Luxury Watch Resales

Information Products

Digital Ad Agency

BONUS Business Model

1 lessons

Professional Coaching

Course Wrap-Up

1 lessons


A quick wrap-up summary of the course and what we have covered together.

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